Every year, during the month of May, people in cities, towns and villages around the world come together to join us for afternoon tea. By participating in this global tea party you are not only being part of this fashionable group, you will also be raising funds and awareness for the world’s iconic wildlife.

The Inaugural Style Icon Afternoon Tea – May 2018

We are really pleased how many people participated in our inaugural event. We had

  1. Events in 11 countries

  2. Hosts in 17 cities and towns

  3. Over 350 individual donors

  4. Over $19,000 raised

All proceeds from the event went to reducing the demand for rhino horn in Viet Nam. To learn more about our campaigns, please visit: https://natureneedsmore.org/btb-campaign-examples/ 

To register your interest for next year’s event, please click here