Together, the Style Icon Afternoon Tea and Nature Needs More are on a mission.

Currently, relatively little is donated to nature, amounting to just 3% of charitable donations in the USA for example. Yet, not a week goes by without us hearing more about the ongoing destruction of the natural world, for example:

  • A rhino is killed for its horn every 8 hours in South Africa alone
  • 100 elephants each day are being killed for their tusks
  • The pangolin is the most poached animal on the planet and the majority of people haven’t heard of it
  • Fewer than 900 mountain gorillas remain in the wild
  • On average, two rangers die every week while protecting the world’s treasured wildlife

At Nature Needs More, we believe that:

  1. Demand reduction, targeting the primary consumers of wildlife ‘products’, who are driving the current poaching crisis, forms an essential part of breaking the illegal wildlife trade.
  2. Communities in range countries need to fully benefit from becoming custodians of their wildlife.

In the coming years Style Icon Afternoon Tea aims to build a following that will raise funds to meet these two objectives.

Raising funds for Demand Reduction Campaigns

Demand reduction campaigns are designed to trigger the necessary emotion in the current users of wildlife ‘products’ to stop them consuming. As a result of such a behaviour change, the demand will drop and the poaching will stop.


Beacons of Hope Projects

Nature Needs More is committed to demonstrating how conservation can be approached differently to the mainstream. We have already done this in the area of demand reduction for the illegal wildlife trade and we are planning to add new demonstration projects over the next couple of years, including a basic income trial.


In 2018, the inaugural year of Style Icon Afternoon Tea, funds raised went to our rhino horn demand reduction campaign in Vietnam and to our Basic Income Trial in Zimbabwe.