Nature Needs More will be launching how to spend it ethically – an online magazine with the aim of providing a platform for articles highlighting the implications of unrestrained luxury consumption of the natural world – soon.  

We want to provide consumers with information to make more ethical choices in their purchasing decisions and even if they decide to go ahead and buy something made of a wildlife body part at least they can understand the implications of the purchase for the species being consumed; and they can’t say they didn’t know!

A key aim of how to spend it ethically is to ensure wildlife is factored in to the evolving ethical fashion strategy (link article). We want to also minimise the unintended consequences of seemingly ‘doing the right thing’, such as the negative impact on the environment that soy bean production has had, partly as a result of the growing vegan movement. We are already seeing the devastating impact of such unforeseen consequences of sustainable fashion strategies including buy vintage, be it in the form of mammoth ivory or exotic leather accessories that might be illegal to buy new but where vintage purchases are driving up desire and poaching activity (link).

Over time we will invite contributors to cover stories about travel, fashion, luxury experiences particularly in relation to wildlife. There will also be discussions on how our desire to consume is manipulated by the media and social media; and the emotions associated with luxury and anxieties these can trigger.

We are excited at the being able to bring you alternative ways to spend, including interviews with people who have chosen to spend their money to help rebuild the natural world and not consume it.

If you are not already, we hope the information presented in this new online publication helps you to you think about your consumption choices in relation to wildlife and the natural world.

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